Navigating the Internet

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Renu Ben, a domestic worker and didn’t have a ration card. She hadn’t been paid in March and April and her family was running very low on rations. The local SEWA team informed her about the e-coupon system that SEWA Delhi lobbied for, which would allow those without the necessary documentation to avail ration services. It required registering for an e-coupon.

Tackling Domestic Abuse

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The concerns arising through the lockdown are endless;  displacement, hunger, lack of shelter and distress with employment being the most paramount. With everyone held up indoors, there has been a significant rise of domestic violence cases reported across the country. One of SEWA’s community members, Manju Ben reported the same in one of the meetings. She was being abused by her husband and sister-in-law.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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B1 jhuggi (slum) was established around 1984 as part of Raghubir Nagar, which lies in West Delhi. For over 10 years now, the main road, on the corner of which B1 jhuggi is settled, has had streetlights. Over the years, these have been upgraded on multiple occasions, but they function erratically, leading to accidents, multiple cases of theft, as well as harassment.

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