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Despite making up 94% of India's female labor force, informal economy women workers continue to struggle for protection. Since 1972, SEWA is both an organization of poor women workers and a movement for them to create better alternatives

Pioneering Basic Income

SEWA Bharat is a leader in research and practice of basic income. SEWA Bharat works at a grassroots level to understand the needs of communities and applications of basic income to transform lives. You can read more here.

SEWA Bharat Supported Programs

SEWA Bharat Mission

SEWA Bharat is committed to strengthening the movement of women in the informal economy by highlighting their issues at the national level and building its member organizations’ capacity to empower them.

The SEWA Movement has expanded strongly over the past 40 years and now has a membership of around 14 lakhs spread over 9 states.

SEWA Bharat supports development programs and activities that organize women so they can aim to achieve full employment and self-reliance for all its members.

  • Full employment means jobs that provide economic security, food security, and social security.
  • Self-reliance refers to economic self–sufficiency and equitable roles in the decision-making process.

Leading thinkers, leading ideas

The Founder of SEWA, Ela Bhatt, talks on the rise of women, yet worries about their “economic decline”.