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SEWA Bharat’s programs provide women and girls across India with resources to change and shape their communities, households, and futures-and the success of these programs depends on the generosity of supporters like you.

Thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of women like Pooja, are able to pursue their passions  and independently support themselves and their families.


Pooja’s Story

Pooja, 23, comes from a struggling community in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, but she has managed to get training, a job placement, and earn a steady monthly salary in a local beauty parlour through SEWA Bharat’s SYRC (SEWA Youth Resource Center).

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“I got married while in university and I was lucky I was able to finish my degree. It is tradition for the wife to take over the house after marriage—but I wanted to work in beauty. I needed more training and hands on experience to find a job—my in-laws strongly disapproved and I faced a lot of discouragement from my husband’s family. But this was my dream and I wanted to pursue this for my family’s future and myself.
I learned about SEWA and their and the skill development classes they offered—it was almost too perfect to believe because I could afford it and finish the classes each day in time to fulfill my household duties. I remember at the start of the program having so many questions on the machines and techniques beauty parlors were using when we visited local shops—and now I’m using them every day.
I found a job, a dream job, at a local beauty parlor and am saving a third of my income so that in the future I can open my own parlor and support my family independently. I found a lot of support and love from my mentors and peers that motivated me each day—it was unlike anything I experienced in any schooling. The only thing else I want to say is that girls need to have skills in their hand. Girls should be independent.”

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Skill Development and Youth Programs

SEWA Bharat operates several youth programs across Bihar, Delhi, and Rajasthan that provide young women with career focused skills, mentorship, and life and health skills. Our aim is to provide young women with the necessary resources to not only get a job, but find and excel in their professional and education careers and become the next generation of leaders in their communities.

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Health and Social Security

Despite often working in hazardous conditions, women and families in the informal sector do not have access to health care and social security. Women face chronic health problems, such as arthritis, poor eyesight, and back pain that are a result of strenuous working conditions. Poor living conditions and cultural stigmas can also contribute to health problems such as malnourishment, infectious disease, and menstrual and gynecological health problems. Missed work or decreased productivity due to these ailments results in lost wages for women in the informal sector. Therefore, SEWA Bharat offers programs, such as health camps and runs community centers to provide women with the resources to identify, treat, and prevent health conditions, apply for public welfare schemes, and seek consultation for any work, personal, or home related situations.

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Financial Inclusion and Digital Literacy Programs

SEWA Bharat ensures that the women are provided the opportunity to invest and grow their 21st century skills through financial skills and digital access. SEWA Bharat operates women owned microfinance cooperatives. Women have control over their financial earnings and learn valuable skills to invest, save, and grow their earnings.

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