In the mountains of Uttarakhand, SEWA has been hand holding around 26,000 women over a span of 17 years. Most of these women work in agriculture and their challenges have increased with every year. The big ones have been climate change and human-wildlife conflict which has been making it difficult for these women to rely solely on agriculture to earn their living.

At the SEWA Mohalla Meetings, a question was asked consistently. ‘How to create more work opportunities for members?’

Then, an idea surfaced in the shape of sustainable tourism. As Uttarakhand is resplendent with natural beauty, there was certain scope for a collective of rural homestays. At the Mohalla Meetings, several members were eager to experiment. They were shortlisted for the SEWA Atithi Homestay Collective.

SEWA Atithi Homestays have been registered with the Uttarakhand Tourism Department. Women who run the homestays have undergone specialty training in homestay operations, financial management, customer service, hosting etiquette, and housekeeping. They have also visited other rural homestays to be able to learn the nuances of hospitality and to gain an understanding of how to integrate local culture to enhance guest experiences.

In this way, SEWA Atithi has provided an opportunity to rural women to transform into micro entrepreneurs and boost the local economy.

About SEWA Atithi

Since October 2020, women of SEWA Atithi have opened their homes to travellers interested in enjoying the quaint life of a mountain village tucked in the mighty Himalayas. They proudly operate homestays in Basoli & Katarmal in Almora and in Kandara in Rudraprayag. These homestays are suited for travellers who want to slow down, breathe the crisp mountain air, and embrace stillness. The homestays are managed by women and are a safe haven for women of all ages, solo travellers and small groups.

Staying with SEWA Atithi is an immersive experience of village life. Guests live in rustic village homes and sit next to cozy clay chulhas as they are served authentic Kumaoni and Garhwali delicacies made from vegetables freshly gathered from local farms. Other experiences for guests include basket weaving, fruit picking trips, and refreshing walks in the wilderness.

SEWA Atithi Homestays

Rantrebar Homestays:

Derived from Garhwali, Rantrebar denotes a caring gesture of inquiring about someone’s well-being. Nestled in the scenic Kandara village in Rudraprayag district, these homestays are located 2.5 hours away from local attractions and excursions such as Chopta, Tungnath, Kedarnath, and Mandakini River. Kandara is 167 kms from Dehradun and can be easily reached through shared taxis. Upon arrival, the homestays are just a five minute walk away.

Pnyaar Homestays:

In Kumaoni, Pnyaar translates to women fetching water. These homestays are located in the quaint village of Katarmal, 16 kms away from Almora. This village is the site of the historic 9th century Sun temple, which is a 5-10 minute walk from the homestays, which have a majestic view of mountain peaks like Trishul, Mrigathuni, Nanda Devi, and Nanda Ghunti. To reach the Pnyaar Homestays, travellers can take a 30-minute bus ride or a shared taxi ride from Almora. A 10 minute hike through the village brings them to the homestay.

Junyali Homestays:

In Kumaoni, Junyali refers to a moonlit night. Situated in the tranquil Basoli village in Almora district, these homestays are a lush green respite from urban hustle. Only a 30 minute drive from the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, these homestays offer a great location to wildlife enthusiasts. Basoli is about 27 km from Almora town. From the village centre, a five minute walk leads to the homestay.

SEWA Atithi’s Features

Working from SEWA Atithi Homes

SEWA Atithi provides a wonderful chance for remote workers seeking an extended stay and desiring peaceful evenings after work. Additionally, the homestays provide Wi-Fi connectivity. The stay in the hills creates a harmonious blend of productivity as well as recuperation in nature.

Going on Guided treks

Guests can explore Uttarakhand’s local flora and fauna through a number of nature treks led by the women of SEWA Atithi. These guided walks and hikes include meandering through local villages, picking seasonal fruits, understanding native foliage, and watching native birds, thus, giving guests a peek into the women’s lives.

Experiencing Farm-to-Table

SEWA Atithi women truly make guests feel at home by opening their home kitchens to them. Guests sit next to a cozy chulha and indulge in healthy and wholesome flavors of home-made Kumaoni and Garhwali dishes like mandue ki roti, bhatt ke dubke, jhangore ki kheer, chaunshu, and much more. A range of diverse indigenously grown millet delicacies are also available.

Get in touch : Junyali Homestay: 7669655560 | Rantrebar Homestay: 7669655561