SEWA Anubhuti Podcasts

SEWA Anubhuti is a podcast initiative that brings the voices of our members, their lives, stories, struggles, and resilience to the outside world.

Episode 1 – Street Vendors ft. Sona ben and Kokila ben from Delhi

Tune in to catch the stories of women street vendors from Kabaari Bazaar, Delhi

Episode 2 – Mahila Kisaan ft. Pushpa ben from Uttarakhand

Tune in to hear a woman farmer from Uttarakhand share her experience.

Episode 3 – E Rickshaw Vahini ft. Sophia ben from Delhi

Tune in to hear Sophia ben’s response to all the naysayers who question her choice of profession as something that solely belongs to men.

Episode 4 – Ari Embroider ft. Nikhat ben from Jaipur

Nikhat ben talk about her life and what it means to be an ari embroider in today’s world.