Unafraid of New Beginnings

Savita ben migrated from Rewari district to Haryana’s Farukh Nagar with her husband and three children in search of better job opportunities. Although she ad her husband worked as a primary school teacher and as an electrician respectively, their collective income couldn’t meet the family expenses. Moreover, Savita ben had completed her graduation and wanted to shift to a better job. But the pandemic resulted in her job loss and put more financial constraints on the family. When Savita ben was looking for jobs, she came across SEWA Bharat’s skill development and training program through her neighborhood. She had never imagined working in the retail sector as she had been teaching for a long time. But she was brave enough to give it a try and enroll herself in the program. Gradually, her apprehensions about the retail sector and the working environment were resolved with the help of training activities & sessions. The training program also helped her become skilled and confident enough to face the interviews and hunt for good job opportunities with an optimistic attitude. It resulted in Savita ben getting the job as a supervisor at Myntra Company with a salary of Rs.10,400 per month. Stepping out of the comfort zone took Savita ben, to a brighter side and proved how one should always grab and make the best out of every opportunity that comes their way.