Trainer – Women’s Enterprise Support System

About SEWA Bharat:

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a movement to empower women working in the informal economy. SEWA Bharat is part of the national SEWA movement. Established in 1984, it is a national federation of SEWA organizations of women working in the informal economy. SEWA Bharat emerged out of the need to address the SEWA movement’s challenges with geographical expansion and coordination. SEWA Bharat comprises a family of SEWA organizations to further informal women workers’ rights, livelihoods, financial independence, education, health and social security.

Program Description:

SEWA members have promoted over 140 collectively-owned social enterprises over 40 years of its existence. SEWA Bharat has now setup an in-house ‘Women Enterprise Support System’ (WESS) to support women-run enterprises in all stages and sectors in their journey of becoming sustainable businesses.

Job Description:

Capacity Building is one of the services we provide through WESS to women owned and led businesses. This is now being extended to strengthen a capacity building and training vertical within the organization to impart training to all stakeholders of a social enterprise (Board of Directors, Management Team etc). As a Senior Trainer, the primary responsibility will be to coordinate and lead training activities, review and update curriculum and training design and manage training partner.

Specific work will involve:
1.1 Training and Assessment
a. Work with WESS team members and state staff in designing and delivering quality training
courses for the social enterprises and micro entrepreneurs
b. Train and facilitate trainings in Punjab, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Delhi
c. Create tailor-made training courses/manuals/modules for enterprises that will be serviced by
WESS.Provide support in designing and monitoring training programs
d. Contribute to the process of conducting periodic reviews of training courses to improve
curriculum and training materials

1.2 Stakeholder Management
a. Managing the partnership, coordinating with stakeholder across state
b. Participating in meetings, workshops and other learning activities.

1.3 Documentation
a. Document the work done across the capacity building vertical and maintain training records, and
curriculum database
b. Design, manage, implement, facilitate, and evaluate documentation standards across the team

Qualification and experience
● Bachelor’s or Masters degree in development related field, social work or in any relevant field
● A minimum of five years experience in training & capacity building of social enterprises or a similar role preferably with a grassroots organization
● Ability to understand issues on the ground and design effective training programs


● Excellent interpersonal and public relations skills; pleasant personality; team oriented working style; demonstrated ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a multicultural environment
● Strong skills in oral and written communication, and computer skills required
● Strong organizational and decision-making skills.
● Ability to work in a team and handle multiple tasks
● Fluency in Hindi language, both written and verbal
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools – Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Canva etc.

Location & Application Process:

New Delhi

Please write to us at [email protected] along with your CV and mentioning why you are interested in this role.