Sales and Marketing Associate (WESS)

About SEWA Bharat:

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a movement to empower women working in the informal economy. SEWA Bharat is part of the national SEWA movement. Established in 1984, it is a national federation of SEWA organizations of women working in the informal economy. SEWA Bharat emerged out of the need to address the SEWA movement’s challenges with geographical expansion and coordination. SEWA Bharat comprises a family of SEWA organizations to further informal women workers’ rights, livelihoods, financial independence, education, health, and social security.

Program Description:

MOVE (Mahila-Owned Viable Enterprises) an initiative by SEWA Bharat, explores the Power of Collectives through Mobilization for the Economic Empowerment of Women Workers at the Base of the Pyramid. Within MOVE, WESS (Women’s Enterprise Support System) is an intervention that acts as a hub catering to a selected cohort of grassroots women-in-business: any sector, any stage, any place. WESS gives in-depth business support integrated with mobilizing and social protection with the goal of putting them on the path of financial sustainability. Our core strength is in the ability to nurture the leaders of informal women workers to self-govern and self-manage the enterprise. We currently support 12 Collective Social Enterprises, across 6 states, 6 sectors, and at multiple stages of growth.

WESS currently supports a women-run agri-enterprise in Bihar. Spread in the districts of Munger and Bhagalpur, this is a woman farmers’ collective bringing Best-Quality Seeds, Fertilizers, Cattle Feed, Agro Advisory, Govt. Scheme Linkages and Best-Prices for yield to the farmers’ doorstep. Besides these services that majorly serve the local farmers through offline means, the enterprise has recently ventured into the space of e-commerce with its range of value-added products such as pickles and spices, and the aspiration of reaching online buyers.

Job Description:

As a Sales and Marketing Associate, you would be required to work with the farmer producer company from their base locations (Munger and Bhagalpur), to orient oneself with the company’s way of working and develop a strong grasp of the local context. The scope of work would involve –

  • Execution of communications strategy at the ground level through retail, print, and other forms of local mass media
  • Conducting proactive research on their existing and potential target audience/customer preferences
  • Studying opportunities and competitions, by identifying channels and mediums that work best to yield sustainable profitable sales for Agri produce
  • Contributing to WESS’ Comms strategy for the enterprise by giving key marketing insights in sync with the enterprise’s business activities and local wisdom.
  • Analyzing and reporting on brand performance and operational challenges periodically to the enterprise core team and WESS team
  • To support the enterprise in developing attractive pricing and distribution strategies
  • Need-based networking and relationship-building with key stakeholders in the agri-producer sphere

Key Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Marketing/ and at least 1-2 years of experience working with a brand’s marketing and sales
  • Strong conceptual understanding of the grassroots level enterprises that can help with effective strategizing and problem solving
  • Attention to detail and enthusiasm for field-work
  • Proficiency in Hindi and English
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders at the same time


Bihar (Munger and Bhagalpur)

Application Process:

Send in your resume, cover letter, and a portfolio of work samples to [email protected] with the email headline “Application_Sales and Marketing Associate_WESS”