Solar and Renewable Energy

Since 2013, SEWA has provided energy solutions to community’s with little or no access to energy. Energy is a critical input for women in the informal sector, both for quality of life and economic mobility. Women in the informal sector often produce or do work within the home. Limited access to energy sources reduces the number of productive hours and the productive inputs women can use to earn more. Additionally, quality of life is hampered by lack of access to energy. Leisure and family time is limited, the hours children can devote to education is limited, and health risks, such as animal and insect invasion is heightened by a lack of lighting.

SEWA Bharat began by providing the basic lighting and energy needs of people in Munger and Bhagalpur Districts of Bihar by installing solar home light systems in rural households. The solar unit’s components include a solar panel, a module, an LED light, and tabular battery.

540B8376new1-min (1) SEWA established a cooperative and livelihood opportunity for women through energy access, establishing a company that employs women to market, sell, install, and service home light systems. SEWA also connects women to financing options through the Thrift and Credit Cooperative, providing affordable payment options so that women can invest in their livelihood options, family education, and household safety.

Through Sarthak, SEWA’s Solar Program, 83,190 litres of kerosene has been saved annually by 20,000 beneficiaries. Additionally, over 232,600 Kgs of carbon emission have been reduced annually.



SEWA Bharat is constantly looking for new, innovative  project opportunities. Please write to us at to partner with us.

Annual Report

SEWA Bharat Annual Report 2015-2016