60 year old Mohani ben hails from a small village named Basoli in Uttarakhand. Her association with SEWA is just 3 year old and in 2019 she opened her homestay under SEWA Atithi. Old age and inability to toil in the fields resulted in Mohani ben losing work. Her routine shifted to looking after her grand children but her willingness to remain financially independent stayed on. She learnt about home stays in a mohalla meeting in 2019 and decided to open a home stay and welcome guests. Guests started coming in September of 2020 but the fear of Covid 19 was present in her mind. She ensured that the home stay was sanitized and cleaned at regular intervals. Usage of masks and gloves was made consistent. However, during the second wave, there were close to 0 guests at her homestay since people had stopped travelling to her state. Mohani ben’s younger son used to work in Delhi but had to come back due to rising cases. Her son has a ration card and currently works in the fields. Mohani ben hopes that post covid, her homestay will start running smoothly and looks forward to welcoming guests.