Who is the Informal Woman Worker ?

64% of GDP is accounted for by the self-employed of our country. They are poor, illiterate, marginalized and are one of the most vulnerable sections of the society. They barely have any assets or working capital. The struggles faced by the women in such sectors are greater in magnitude than that of men. Women working in the informal economy have no fixed employee-employer relationship and depend on their own labor for survival.  Despite such odds, they are extremely economically active, contributing significantly to the economy and society with their labor. SEWA supports the formation of member-based organizations thereby securing their social, economic and legal rights.

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Our research encompasses grassroots social enterprises in SEWA as well as various aspects of the lives and livelihoods of informal women workers in SEWA.

Senior Accountant, New Delhi

The position is based out of Delhi (New Delhi) but the candidate must be willing to travel to different states as per the project/ organization requirement.

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