Feeding Migrant Workers

The lockdown imposed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus adversely affected the migrant workers who lost accessibility to basic services. In Uttar Mainpura, Patna, SEWA aagewans brought attention to the hunger-stricken conditions of migrant workers, who feared dying of hunger due to the pandemic. The predominant challenge was accessing ration for the migrant labourers. Aagewans Rekha ben and Sraswati ben, with the help of existing linkages and networks, were able to bring in and distribute food supplies sponsored by Patanjali Health Institute. The packages were distributed to 130 women, which consisted of rice, potatoes, onion and packets of turmeric and salt. The link with Pantajali was established by SEWA’s staff members who were aware of Pantanjali’s drive towards carrying out relief measures and, therefore, established a connection with them and brought them in as sponsors to distribute ration. The efforts of SEWA aagewans were deeply appreciated by the community members.