Equals in a Marriage

Sonu ben lives in a joint family in the remote areas of Faruknagar. She aimed to become financially independent but did not get a chance despite having studied till class 12 because of her marriage into a conservative family. Her family faced financial constraints as Sonu ben’s husband, a painter by profession, was the only earning member. Despite the norms and traditions, Sonu ben decided to look for work opportunities to cater to the family needs. Amidst this, she came to know about SEWA Bharat’s training and placement program. Convincing her in-laws to let her join the program was toilsome, although her husband supported her. She made them understand the advantages of having more income in the family and eventually convinced them to join the program. She participated in all the sessions and secured a job as a Quality Supervisor at Myntra Company with a monthly salary of Rs. 12,000. The story of Sonu ben, however, doesn’t end here. The pandemic resulted in her husband’s job loss and financial constraints. The SEWA Bharat team came to know about the situation during a follow-up session that is conducted for the placed candidates from the training program. The team helped her husband secure a job at Amazon Company for a monthly salary of Rs. 13,000. Sonu’s family’s financial condition has improved despite the pandemic, and they are delighted to have two earning members in the home now.