Solar and Renewable Energy

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In 2018, DFID India conceptualized an initiative to improve the participation of women in the solar sector workforce. They designed a project with SEWA Bharat and other partners to skill unemployed youth(a majority being women) in NP Kunta, Anantapur district, one of the backward regions in Andhra Pradesh.

Roadmap for Women’s Economic Empowerment

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This report focuses on women in agriculture and the informal sector, identifying key concern areas in labour force participation, employment opportunities, unpaid work, the feminization of agriculture, access to resources, and gaps in organizing women workers through evidence-based recommendations from the ground.

Report of the SAMI Committee

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India requires Standalone Microinsurance (SAMI) Companies, which focus solely on the needs of medium and small businesses, to turn them into successful enterprises. The Committee on (SAMI) Companies, chaired by Mirai Chatterjee (Director, SEWA Social Security) studied key issues and provided recommendations in its report on SAMIs.

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