Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Equip Women in Rural Bihar with Livelihood Skills


2018-05_CrowdfundingToday, 90% of India’s workforce is in the unregulated informal sector. For women, workforce participation is as low as 30% and most still make lower wages than their male counterparts.

And changing this is in everyone’s interest. If women were enabled to participate in India’s workforce at par with men, our GDP could increase by 60% by 2025 according to a McKinsey study. We’ve got a long way to go.

At SEWA, we run multiple Skill Development programmes to enable women to work and become financially independent. And now, we need some help.

Through our #UnderThePeepalTree project we hope to train 100 women over the next year. And this project is basically, Skill Training on Wheels!

Every 3 months, we move lock, stock and barrel to women in a new village in Eastern Bihar, taking the training to their doorstep. We impart trade skills, health awareness, legal literacy and more, after which we help with market access. Support our crowdfunding campaign to get this project off the ground.

You can directly support our campaign on Milaap or do a bank transfer to the bank account mentioned on our Milaap-page.