SEWA Samvaad: A Webinar “Resilience and Women Micro-Entrepreneurs: COVID-19 and Beyond”

On behalf of SEWA Bharat and UN Women, we’re pleased to invite you to attend a webinar on November 2, 2020, at 6.30 PM IST/8 AM EST titled “Resilience and Women Micro-Entrepreneurs: COVID-19 and Beyond”. This is the second in a series of webinars called SEWA Samvaad, spearheaded by SEWA Bharat.

This webinar will discuss the current realities of women micro-enterprises in the informal sector during COVID-19 and share stories of leadership from the ground. SEWA Samvaad aims to bring together grassroots leaders, gender practitioners, and thematic area specialists to deliberate on pertinent questions facing us today, with the aim to make recommendations for changes in policy and suggest programmatic action points or further research and advocacy in this space.

You can register for the webinar below, to confirm your attendance.

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