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WIEGO: SEWA Bharat’s Inclusive Solid Waste Management Tool

In Katihar, Bihar, Inclusive Cities partner SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) has been implementing a solid waste management strategy that provides women at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid with better incomes, working conditions and other services. This brief article offers highlights of the programme and its structure.

WIEGO: Workers’ Lives – Small World, Big Goals. A Home-Based Garment Worker in Delhi. (9.2013)

Fareeda’s membership in SEWA Delhi and her involvement with an ethical, SEWA-based producer company called Ruaab SEWA have expanded her world – and given her insight into the inequity of the global value chain.

The Better India: Banking in the Hills – How SEWA Bharat is Enabling Financial Inclusion in Remote Locations (14/05/2013)

Read about the efforts of a unique financial inclusion program that aims at empowering women in the rural parts of the hilly state of Uttaranchal where employment opportunities are scarce, infrastructure is patchy and banks are practically virtually non-existent.

ICRW study concludes well-rounded programs are most effective (6/12/2013)

Dreams of stardom aside, both Talat and Priya are taking a more pragmatic approach to life. At the SEWA Bharat Delhi center, they are taking advantage of a subsidized ‘empowerment’ program providing adolescent girls from low-income families with an array of vocational and life skills.

Annual Report

SEWA Bharat Annual Report 2015-2016