(SEWA Youth Festival 2013 celebrated talents and achievements of SEWA Delhi's poor youth who are engaging in youth development skills and education activities. Featured with Dr. Lakshmi Devi, Principal of the Shaheed Rajguru, College of Applied Sciences for Women, University of Delhi (left), and Chief Guest Smt. Rashmi Singh, Executive Director of the National Mission for Empowerment of Women, Government of India)

Skill Development

Women and girls in India are trapped in a cycle of poverty due to a lack of diverse education and skill-building opportunities. Girls are often pulled out of school to take over household responsibilities and many never have the chance to go back. Even in cases where they complete their education, they aren’t given the opportunity to work.

SEWA Bharat hopes to bridge this opportunity gap by providing Skill Development and Vocational Training Programmes across India to help these  girls and young women become more employable, gain access to a variety of opportunities and attain financial independence. SEWA provides dynamic skill programs that equip participants with market-ready technical skills and the soft and personal skills that are required to find and define a rewarding career.


  • 10,000+ young women have graduated from SEWA’s skill programs in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Bihar, West Bengal and Kerala.

Opportunities for Women Members


Women in the informal sector are eager to develop their skills in order to enhance their livelihoods, but do not have access to opportunities. SEWA steps in with women-organized skill building workshops, trainings, and events that develop both traditional practices and modern skills. SEWA invests in the entrepreneurial capital of local producers. Women participants–from agricultural producers to artisans–develop the marketing, sales, design, and business skills to strengthen and grow their businesses.

SEWA Bharat offers a variety of training projects (both trade and soft skills), depending on the needs of women and employment opportunities in the area. These include:
– Computer and Digital Literacy
– Entrepreneurship and Business
– Advanced Garment Making
– Hospitality and Housekeeping
– Beauty Culture
– Construction and Building
– Nurse Care and Domestic Work

Apart from these Skills, we also focus on:
– Personality Development
– Diverse Exposure Visits
– Career and Guidance Counselling
– Confidence Building

Youth Development Programs


Girls born into families whose primary sources of income are from informal economy jobs typically continue the profession of their parents due to lack access to quality training institutes and little exposure to other professions. As a result, they remain outside the mainstream market of employment and are not given the opportunity for economic and social upward mobility. SEWA is committed to investing in the youth of SEWA’s communities through programmes that provide skills, confidence, social and professional networks, and mentorship.


SEWA Polytechnics

Since 2011, SEWA Delhi has set up two polytechnics to fill the gap in quality training institutes that are accessible to the urban poor. The Polytechnics are linked with SEWA Delhi vocational training centers that are located in SEWA Shakti Kendras around poor areas of the city.

SEWA Polytechnics offer girls high quality basic and advanced training in textile design, graphic design, fashion design, spoken English and personality development, and bank clerical / financial literacy training through the State Bank Academy.

The uniqueness and innovation behind SEWA’s model is that it is designed to benefit the individual who becomes part of the Polytechnic as a learner and harnesses her skills and graduates as a skilled worker in the mainstream market. Last year, the youth development program connected a total of 513 girls to diverse, market-relevant courses.

SEWA Youth Resource Centers (SYRC)

SEWA Youth Resource Centers (SYRC) mirror SSKs but focus on holistic youth development. SYRCs offer girls a safe place where they can find information and support on topics like sexual and reproductive health rights, job linkages, and banking.
SEWA Youth Resource Centers are currently operational in Rajasthan, Bihar, and Delhi.

SEWA Youth Clubs

SEWA Youth Clubs are run out of community centers in order to extend youth development interventions. Youth Clubs engage girls in diverse and fun life-skill building activities. The aim is to help girls mature and become local leaders, paving the way for other poor youth in their community.

SEWA Youth Explore

SEWA Youth Explores invites guest speakers to meet with girls in order to give girls professional role models and expose them to diverse career opportu- nities. Youth Explore is operating in SEWA Delhi.

Diverse youth events

SEWA Bharat helps adolescent girls plan street plays, events, and awareness sessions in their areas on issues such as women’s safety, gender equality, and girl child education.

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SEWA Bharat is constantly looking for new, innovative Skill Development project opportunities. Please write to us at rhea@sewabharat.org to partner with us.