Integrated Approach

SEWA Bharat supports five integrated development programs that promote women’s self-reliance and full employment. SEWA Bharat helps district-level teams carry out development activities under these five headings, as well as develop their own special projects and initiatives.

Eleven Points of SEWA

SEWA’s development programs work together to address the systemic and chronic economic and social barriers that women in the informal sector face. SEWA’s holistic approach to development  works towards  ‘Eleven Points’. Once these Eleven Points are fully achieved, women will attain self-reliance and full employment.

  1. Employment
  2. Income 
  3. Nutritious food
  4. Healthcare
  5. Housing
  6. Assets
  7. Education
  8. Childcare
  9. Organized strength
  10. Leadership
  11. Self-reliance

Annual Report

SEWA Bharat Annual Report 2015-2016