Terms of Responsibility – Head HR & Admin

About SEWA Bharat:

The SEWA movement, the largest collective of women workers from the informal economy in India, is spread across 17 Indian states and brings together over 1.8 million women workers in the informal economy. SEWA Bharat is the leading institution within the movement, responsible for spreading the movement to new states and supporting even more women workers in becoming independent and empowered leaders in their communities. The movement and the organisation are both growing currently, and the relevance of this work where the woman worker is at the centre of everything we do, is increasingly important in today’s society. SEWA has many achievements over the years, in improving women’s incomes, livelihoods, health care, education, housing and many more. However we consider our greatest achievement to be that women become more self confident, more capable in dealing with the outside world and are able to
open their minds to new opportunities. Positive change, internal and external, is the key to the SEWA movement.

We reflect our core values and missions in everything we do – from our office design to our policies. For example, we cultivate an atmosphere where women from a variety of different backgrounds – age, class, education, region, religion, caste, experience, language – can all work together and with each other, without the traditional hierarchies between them. Our offices and all our gathering spaces are designed to make all women feel comfortable, and planned by women members themselves. We pride ourselves on understanding that women’s needs are complex. The impact of the work is evident in the comfort women members have in interacting with all involved in the movement, with their families, their communities and across meetings with government officials, business leaders and others. Women in leadership positions are from the very communities we work with, and our leaders are well respected both domestically and internationally. Our leaders identify and advise the organisation karyakartas on what our priorities should be and what work we should do to support women workers.

Key Purpose of the Role

The key to our success is our people. We prefer to think of those who work with us as ‘karyakartas’ who are part of the movement, rather than karyakartas in the traditional sense. We have a karyakarta strength of about 350 across eight State SEWAs, in 15 district offices. We do however, have proper hiring and contracting procedures as in any organisation. The karyakartas exemplify diversity in various ways – from educational backgrounds ranging from those who have completed school to those who have graduate and postgraduate degrees from some prestigious universities across India and the world; from those who have worked with SEWA for upwards of 15 years, and have grown through the grassroots with us, to people with professional qualifications who have joined in the recent years and days, and are still learningthe  ropes; from those who have seen SEWA when it first started out from non-existent to small district offices to those who see more well-defined office spaces across various districts; from those who have the ability to connect with our members and mobilise them to those who have the ability to contribute with their analytical and strategic perspectives.

The criticality of this role hence, centres around being able to help this diverse group value and respect each other, connect with each other, work together, and build SEWA’s future together. We are at an inflection point in our growth journey, and need to develop structured and robust HR processes including exploring managed services, while also appreciating the beating heart of the organisation, and facilitating the appreciation of both culture and structure.

We are looking to bring on board an HR leader who can be a part of our leadership team, and can build the organisation. The role holder needs to have a deep appreciation of institution building along with the deep understanding of formal organisational structures that will enable institution building. She will need to have demonstrated proficiency in partnering with diverse stakeholders in the definition and execution of people initiatives focused on SEWA’s priorities.

Job Description:

Position title : Head: HR & Admin
Location Head Office, Delhi
Reporting to National Coordinator
Qualification Masters in Human Resource
Candidate with proven track record of
HR leadership in complex organisations
Experience 7-10 years 12-15. At least one assignment where
the reporting was to CEO or equivalent
Industry Exposure Any Social Sector organization
Terms of engagement Three-year, full-time contract,
renewable annually
Travel condition Candidate who is open to extensive
travel to the SEWA offices across
eight States and 15 districts
CTC 80000-1,00,000 lac per month. This
is however negotiable.
Working days 6 days a week
Gender Female


Primary Responsibility:

  1. HR Operations:
    1. Manage complete karyakarta life cycle from on boarding to
  2. Payroll Managements
    1. Managing the payroll vendor to achieve the SLA’s i.e. salaries,
      compliances etc.
  3. Lead Talent Acquisition:
    1. Participate in (wo)manpower planning and budgeting exercise
      with programme coordinators.
    2. Lead the process of recruitment of new talent where required
    3. Ensure proper onboarding processes for new recruits
  4. Talent management & performance management
    1. Drive and manage appraisal exercise throughout the
    2. Advising senior management about the latest trends on increment, variable and benefit schemes etc. and work with
      HR committee to decide increments and benefits every year
  5. Karyakarta Relation & Grievance management:
    1. Facilitate, advise, support and coach on any karyakarta related
    2. Drive and manage sensitive karyakarta situations and to review instances of karyakarta misconduct, including investigating and recommending disciplinary action weighing the extent of violation, fairness of action and local employment law.
    3. Act as a subject matter expert to handle cases related to any grievance and work towards proactive prevention of such matters
  6. Strategic Partnership:
    1. Develop HR strategic plans including structure, systems, policies, processes, and practices. Align HR Strategy to the SEWA Bharat Strategy that are aligned to the organisation’s strategic plan.

Secondary Responsibility:

  1. Catalysing Change:
    1. Training to build organisational ethos
    2. Provide personal leadership in the area of change management
    3. Partner with organisational leaders in bringing about necessary organisational change
  2. Administration Support:
    The overall management and deployment of all aspects of Administration, including:

    1. Overseeing that the admin head delivers to their role & responsibilities effectively; being accountable to the
      Leadership for the same
    2. Foreseeing criticalities in the Admin function, and planning effectively.
  3. Competencies
    1. Excellent interpersonal, communication, and influencing skills, and be able to build. Relationships at all levels; ability to lead, nurture and develop teams.
    2. Knowledge and experience of basic HR processes
    3. Ability to drive HR programs independently