Micro-entrepreneur Cluster Development Associate

About SEWA Bharat:

Founded by Ela Bhatt in 1972, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) works to empower poor women in India’s informal economy by equipping them with the personal confidence, community support, and practical tools necessary to fulfill their needs and exercise their rights. With over 2 million active members across fifteen states, SEWA is a nationwide movement, as well as one of India’s largest and oldest nonprofit organizations.

SEWA is set apart by its ability to integrate state- and national-level strategies with grassroots values and priorities. Through its close ties to an extensive, diverse, and multigenerational network of members, SEWA brings women together into a supportive network, tailors its
wide range of large-scale development programmes to specific community needs at the local level, and provides both capacity building support and a national platform for women on the ground to voice their concerns and advocate for their rights at the highest levels of
policy and industry. Through its philosophy of women’s empowerment, and its vision of securing self-reliance and full employment for one of India’s most vulnerable populations, SEWA unifies members across cultural, geographic, and linguistic lines to bring about
sustainable, inclusive change from the ground up. Comprising a nationwide network of over 100 autonomous grassroots organizations, SEWA is coordinated by its national office, SEWA Bharat (www.sewabharat.org).

Programme Description

SEWA Bharat runs a microentrepreneurship programme that works towards building resilient women micro-entrepreneurs, to address the needs of women-owned collective social enterprises and women micro-entrepreneurs as part of COVID-19 preparedness and response. The COVID-19 pandemic has majorly impacted all businesses, especially women owned enterprises, who are either incurring income losses due to the recurring lockdowns, and/or are faced with the additional burden of domestic chores. With supply chains being affected, and demand dwindling, these enterprises continue to pay fixed costs like salaries and rents forcing grave losses. This programme aims to provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs to help them gain better access to markets, finance and assets. In particular, SEWA Bharat recognizes that the women will need extra resources to overcome the backsliding they faced during the lockdown. Training will assist women to use new tools and approaches for entrepreneurship through training in digital literacy and by linking women with e-commerce opportunities and digital market information.

Job Description:

We are seeking a candidate who will be responsible for developing Dehradun’s micro-entrepreneur cluster presently consisting of 20-25 women and will play a critical role in identifying, assessing and supporting the cluster of micro-entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey through resource linkages for product development & supply chain management, capacity building, access to markets and business counselling wherever required.


  • The Micro-entrepreneur Cluster Development Associate will support identification of women micro-entrepreneurs or clusters of micro-entrepreneurs, conduct a needs assessment and a scoping exercise to determine solutions that best fit making their enterprises thrive and sustainable.
  • The associate should have the skill set to work on cluster activation which involves setup of that cluster including identifying microentrepreneurs, linking to product development experts, markets they can sell in, working capital requirement, etc.
  • They will be required to strengthen partnerships with other organizations, experts, advisors and consultants working with women micro-entrepreneurs, ensuring leverage and building partnerships for nurturing clusters.
  • They will also work as a mediator between the needs of the micro-entrepreneurs and utilize the available resources to support them in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • The associate will guide the field and state teams, and work closely with the micro-entrepreneurship vertical.

Key Skills and Qualifications:

  • A master’s degree in social sciences or business administration from a recognized university is mandatory. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree and relevant work experience can be considered for the position.
  • Strong oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills in both English and Hindi. Ideal candidates will have experience in working, writing, and communicating in Hindi.
  • Previous experience of undertaking fieldwork and field training.
  • Experience in developing and managing the micro-entrepreneurs’ clusters or working with individual women microentrepreneurs
  • Should have project management skills.
  • Ability to take the initiative and leadership even with minimal supervision
  • Ability to work in an organized and efficient manner within a relatively unstructured work environment.
  • Strong understanding of and commitment to women’s economic empowerment and a passion for bringing about real, sustainable, large-scale change for women in India’s most marginalized communities


Preferably Dehradun, with travel to head office in Delhi whenever necessary.

Programme Timeline

October 2021 to March 2022

Application Process:

SEWA Bharat is an equal opportunity employer that encourages women and people from economically and socially excluded communities with the requisite skills and qualifications to apply for positions.

Email the following to [email protected] by 24th October 2021 with subject line – ME Cluster Development Associate_*Your Name*

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (Includes your understanding of microentrepreneurship and experience
    on the same)
  • Please include specific details of your most recent salary.