(SEWA Delhi members gathered in a ‘dharna’ (demonstration) in order to demonstrate the need for a cohesive street vendor policy. The bill was passed and was a huge success for SEWA Bharat’s long-term street vendor advocacy campaign and a huge milestone in securing rights for street vendors across India. Photo: SEWA Bharat).

SEWA in Kerala

The SEWA union in Kerala was initiated in Trivandrum District in the mid 1980s by women who came together from the fishing, agriculture and reed worker communities in search of livelihood diversifying opportunities. As there were no other platforms/unions addressing these issues of women workers at the time, Smt. Aleyamma Vijayan and Nalini Nayak, inspired by Elaben, decided to assist these women to create SEWA in Kerala thus linking up to the only larger platform of women workers in the country. Now, SEWA Kerala has over 10,000 women members.

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