(SEWA Delhi members gathered in a ‘dharna’ (demonstration) in order to demonstrate the need for a cohesive street vendor policy. The bill was passed and was a huge success for SEWA Bharat’s long-term street vendor advocacy campaign and a huge milestone in securing rights for street vendors across India. Photo: SEWA Bharat).

SEWA in Gujarat

(SEWA celebrates over 40 years of women worker organizing. Read more at Inclusive Cities.) (SEWA celebrates over 40 years of women worker organizing. Read more at Inclusive Cities.)

The SEWA movement has its origins in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Now SEWA Ahmedabad has a membership of over 10 lakh women from the informal economy. SEWA Ahmedabad works in both in the urban and rural areas of Gujarat, and has helped set up a number of women-run institutions (see SEWA Sister Organisations – link will be provided later). SEWA supports diverse yet integrated development projects around livelihood support and protection, social security linkages, microfinance, healthcare, insurance, and housing in addition to special local projects.

Major SEWA in Gujarat achievements 2013

  • 5000 head loaders and handcart pullers witnessed an increase of 25 to 30% in their wages. This lead to an annual increase of Rs 7,80,00000 in the income of the workers.
  • The annual turnover of SEWA’s Rachaita Cooperative of Construction Workers was registered at Rs 1,10,0000. From this the monthly income of 605 construction workers increased from Rs 4800 to Rs 21000.
  • Bidi workers witnessed a price rise for the first time in several years. For 1000 bidis rolled now the workers are paid Rs 80 to 93 instead of Rs 12. This has increased their annual income by Rs 2,99,52,000. Due to the changes undertaken in the Government policies there has been retrieval in the scholarships being provided for the children of bidi workers.
  • Revival of Urban Unorganized Labour Welfare Board. 4752 workers were registered with the welfare board.
  • For more achievements, see the SEWA Newsletter 2014, and sign up for regular updates.

Annual Report

SEWA Bharat Annual Report 2015-2016