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Watch: How A Yuva Mandal Can Transform A Community

SEWA Bharat’s Yuva Mandals in Murshidabad, West Bengal have shown just how effective India’s youth can be if they put their minds to something. Through organising and collectivising efforts, we.. read more


EMPOWERING WOMEN IN AN INSECURE WORLD Joining SEWA Makes a Difference This monograph is based on the findings of the Gujarat Social Income and Insecurity Survey (GSIS) conducted in 2007-08.. read more

ILO Report Advancing Cooperation Among Women Workers Report

Advancing Cooperation among Women Workers in the Informal Economy: The SEWA way This report aims to provide an understanding of the challenges and opportunities for cooperatives and other SSE units.. read more

Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Equip Women in Rural Bihar with Livelihood Skills

| DONATE HERE | Today, 90% of India’s workforce is in the unregulated informal sector. For women, workforce participation is as low as 30% and most still make lower wages.. read more

Accelerating Women’s Economic Empowerment in India – Event Report & Video from Roundtable Discussion

| DOWNLOAD | Accelerating WEE in India_SEWA-IIC Event Report | In 2016, the United Nations’ General Secretary set up a High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment (UNHLP), with the.. read more

Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood Report

Final Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood

On Sale: The Invisible Costs Behind the Price Tag

  On Sale: The Invisible Costs Behind the Price Tag The global garment supply chain is a worldwide production line of informal workers across many industries. To produce a single.. read more

SEWA Bharat Launches Video on Agriculture in Bihar

We are happy to announce the launch of a video summarizing our efforts and impact in Bihar. SEWA Bharat Agriculture Program

SEWA Bharat Celebrates Environment Day

On June 5th, our teams across India celebrated World Environment Day. From Delhi’s youth to agricultural and bidi workers in Bihar, SEWA Bharat’s members are committed to changing India’s future.. read more

SEWA Bihar Seeks to End Sanitary Napkin Tax

Menstrual hygiene in India is often a taboo subject in schools and  the home. Girls and women are receive little education on proper sanitatary techniques and face cultural restrictions while.. read more