SEWA in Bareilly

The Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh is famous for its embellishment work. Around 2007, SEWA started its work in three areas: Mirdan mohalla , Richolla Kifatullah (in Nawabganj tehsil) and Bandiya (Ward No. 34). A study was conducted in these areas in 2007 to determine the socio-economic conditions of the SEWA members and their families. Since 2007, the national federation of SEWA institutions, SEWA Bharat, has organized 8,932 informal women workers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

SEWA Munger Programs

Key Achievements:

  • In 2013, 194 mohalla meetings involved 3,224 poor women in community discussion and solution brainstorming
  • 20 community women have risen as aagewans to act on women’s issues in Bareilly


  • To extend to 14,000 members
  • To enroll 685 adolescent girls in SEWA skill building programs
  • To form 24 new SHGs
  • To make 3,000 social scheme linkages
  • To focus on supporting the livelihoods of 500 women artisans

Organizing and advocacy

SEWA Bharat’s district team in Bareilly organizes women workers primarily engaged in home-based embellishment work. Through mohalla meetings, local level leaders bring the SEWA movement into areas of need. In 2013, nearly 200 meetings on the SEWA movement and women’s empowerment brought awareness to 3,659 poor women workers.

Twenty women have risen from the grassroots as aagewans. SEWA supports aagewans by giving them training on community outreach, government liaison, social security linkages, and microfinance.

Livelihood support


In Bareilly, many women are confined to informal home-based work and do not have the skills or experience to access other employment opportunities. SEWA supports these informal women workers by connecting them to Ruaab SEWA and facilitating small-scale income-generation.

Skill and education


SEWA Bharat’s skill development program in Bareilly engages girls in vocational training courses in cutting and tailoring, non-formal education, courses from the National Institute of Open Schooling, and job places. Since 2012, the program has more than doubled – reaching a total of 1,081 under privileged girls and young women by the end of 2013.

Social security and health schemes

The Indian government has vast social security and health programs, but benefits hardly reach those in need. SEWA’s grassroots leaders in Bareilly connect people to social protection security by providing scheme information; help with applications, and government liaison support and conducting health awareness sessions, health camps, and referrals for poor women workers and their families.

Health achievements 2013
  • 1,535 social security scheme linkages made in 2013
  • 253 awareness sessions brought 4,059 community members crucial health information
  • 2 health camps that connected 342 people with check-ups and information
  • 418 direct referrals to government and private healthcare
  • Facilitated 15 cataract surgery for women workers

Microfinance SHGs

SEWA Bharat’s microfinance program in Bareilly centers around SHG development and enabling women to become financially literate, have control over their money and assets, and be less vulnerable to financial risks.

  • 46 SHGs with 457 women members
  • Total savings worth Rs. 8,94,364
  • Total loans worth Rs. 19,32,00

(Figures as of Dec. 2013)


Annual Report

SEWA Bharat Annual Report 2013