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On Sale: The Invisible Costs Behind the Price Tag

  On Sale: The Invisible Costs Behind the Price Tag The global garment supply chain is a worldwide production line of informal workers across many industries. To produce a single.. read more

SEWA Bharat Launches Video on Agriculture in Bihar

We are happy to announce the launch of a video summarizing our efforts and impact in Bihar. SEWA Bharat Agriculture Program

Annual Report 2014

SEWA Annual Report 2014

SEWA Bharat Celebrates Environment Day

On June 5th, our teams across India celebrated World Environment Day. From Delhi’s youth to agricultural and bidi workers in Bihar, SEWA Bharat’s members are committed to changing India’s future.. read more

SEWA Bihar Seeks to End Sanitary Napkin Tax

Menstrual hygiene in India is often a taboo subject in schools and  the home. Girls and women are receive little education on proper sanitatary techniques and face cultural restrictions while.. read more

Energy Access and Women’s Livelihoods Report

Final Report–Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood: Findings (1/2) Final-Report Final Report–Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood: Recommendations (2/2)

Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood Workshop

 “Energy Access and Women’s Livelihood” Date:- 23rd May, 2016 Juniper Hall-India Habitat Centre, New Delhi   SEWA Bharat, as a member of the Stree Shakti Consortium, assembled thought leaders, private.. read more

Ela Bhatt Discusses her new book, Anubandh

On 31st January 2016, Elaben discussed the journey behind her new book, Anubandh. Read the transcript of the conversation below. Anubandh Conversation

SEWA and CITE-MIT Launch Technology Evaluation Initiative

PRESS RELEASE MIT Researchers and SEWA Bharat Announce New Partnership to Understand the Potential of Consumer-Driven Technology Evaluation New Delhi, India In 2016, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).. read more

International Domestic Worker’s Day celebrated

On June 16th, SEWA Bharat along with National Platform for Domestic Workers celebrated the International Domestic Worker’s Day at Tiwari House in New Delhi. Labour Minister Shri Gopal Rai attended.. read more